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Kuli Liberal Rascal Supports Fashion Show & Gets Smashed


Mahadev Robert Sean Ferry · 24 mutual friends
Since when were fashion shows otherwise known as "illicit sex" shows?

It sounds like she was just present for it too. 

Prabhupada walked around to many places preaching. Places much more disturbing than a fashion show.

Jesus Christ's purest disciple was a prostitute, whom He spent a lot of time with.

When really, we are all having some perverted sex (attraction) here in this world.

For instance, finding fault in others and floating around sores like a fly, instead of attaining the nectar, and avoiding the thorns, like the honeybee, is a sex desire and can possible be spiritually stunting.

Let's say she is poisoning the movement... wouldn't the best reaction to that be to approach her and preach to/with her? 

I know one of the worst reactions would be to publicly expand the poison and share these things. Thus poisoning the movement even further.
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Manikar Das Brahmachari Mahadev Robert Sean Ferry Any acharya/SP organized fashion shows in any Krsna temple?
what type of a devotee are you?

if u are such a person who can't see the wrong in fashion shows then ur idiotic comments are of no use to this post.
read SP's books and take diskha in iskcon u gurukuli and then we will talk.

no. you are not a part of the movement, any fool with such long hair has nothing to do with the Krsna Conscious movement!

but ur are finding fault in me!!! 
"For instance, finding fault in others and floating around sores like a fly, instead of attaining the nectar,"

yes stop poisoning the movement further than me "poisoning the movement" by adding more poison of criticism specificallu against me, "the poisoner of the movement" ok?
"Thus poisoning the movement even further."

why did u not privately message me ? if u are against publicly sharing "these things"?
"wouldn't the best reaction to that be to approach her and preach to/with her? "
"I know one of the worst reactions would be to publicly expand the poison and share these things."

you are criticizing my public expose by publicly "exposing me". why not privately "approach me and preach to/with me" ?

ur arguments are idiotic from all angles.
dont comment on these posts pls.

i know ex-kulis hate iskcon and SP but u love Doe Zantamata
so u wont judge me when i say these things against u, who is not a follower of SP


watch young women in fashion shows and go to where ever ur fake bhakti takes u. atleast dont open ur mouth and spread such nonsense in iskcon.

Vivek Prabhu, A Strong Speaking Great Vaishnava

Vivek Bali Why do they need to do this? I mean coming back for more glory and then chewing the chewed and distorting everything they built only to get a bad name or worse the wrath of a pure devotee and Krishna? I mean it would have been great if this mataji did not resurface after so many years and had lived happily ever after with all her glories being sung in Iskcon for all times to come for all the work she did for Prabhupada during her youth. But alas Maya is way stronger than we can imagine and lo and behold another one bites the dust all but for some fleeting sense of controllership and recognition, adoration and fan following. And at what cost? The cost of destroying the teachings of one's own spiritual master. What a grave offense that is. She did not need to do all this pro feminism non sense and kuli melas and fashion shows and female diksha guru stuff. I guess empty minds and therefore devils workshops. She already had all the name, fame and adoration and worship. She could have just kept repeating Prabhupada pastimes with her and she would have had everything. But no. I do not understand what kind of evil motivations and desires would lead one to do such great harm to the movement of The Supreme Personality of Godhead, Lord Chaitanya and His pure devotee Shrila Prabhupada. Lord have mercy on her and more on us who have to avoid all these deviant ideologies and their perpetrators.
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Vivek Bali If i am not wrong he is a RN prodigy so to speak. The rich and the famous cheaters and the cheated

(Some) Prostitutes in Iskcon Wear Prada

Devotees wear fully covered sarees and dhoti-kurtas. Prostitutes wear Prada! Idiots who have not read one line of Prabhupada's books think - devotees wear prada.

But this is our GBC which thinks that it is ok to show the body and increase the lust of it's members. This article was featured on a GBC funded website. That is to says our hard earned book distribution money has gone into promoting half naked clothes and prostitution of young girls in the name of KrishnaBhakti

Why have none of the acharyas organized a vaishnava vedic fashion show?
Jiva Goswami organized a fashion show?? Did he?
Why is this rascaldom going on WITH OUR MONEY?
I mean, i am not against you making your daughter or wife a public prostitute, do it if it makes you happy but please don't advertise it under iskcon's name because then it affects me and the rest of us varna ashrama promoters. Also please make your daughter or wife a prostitute with your own money not on a GBC funded website which indirectly draws its funds from OUR DONATIONS!


Stupid (Rachel Ward) gets smashed by a strong devotee (Philip Davies) quoting Prabhupada's words.

The discussion was on whether devotee girls should have fashion shows or not. Phillip was against the notion.
Rachel Ward • 7 days ago
What a great way to bring the devotional culture from the temples into the mainstream. People ask me all the time where they can get skirts like mine. It's nice to tell them, and then devotee families benefit financially. It's also nice that my children aren't limited to the same tired old saris and gopi skirts. They have devotional clothing that fits their fashion sense. Win.

Phillip Davies Rachel Ward • 6 days ago
fashion sense = vanity is, in a simple way, it is to fulfill material enjoyment. I understand that young devotees will like to experiment with their clothes, My original comment was because of the pictures in the article which did not feature children.
Pradyumna Das

Rachel Ward Phillip Davies • 4 days ago
Respectfully, all of the pictures in the article feature someone's children. They have grown up in the movement and developed their own style. The next generation won't be like the last. We can allow the sastra to remain unchanged, but the movement will die if the next generation is not enlivened and more people are not attracted.
Phillip Davies Rachel Ward • 4 days ago
the people in the particular picture I have in mind are not children they may have been born into a family of devotees (very fortunate) , It does not change the fact that, The mind is the distraction, it dwells upon the sense objects, the nice clothes, how someone else percieves them. it is a difficult process if one makes it so by allowing these simple pleasures to creep in, But Lord Krishna assure Arjuna " asam svayam maha baho..." gita, it is possible to control the restless mind with suitable practice and detachment"" . we can not dilute the process it is what it is. we can make it hard for ourselves, or relatively easy (relatively speaking, every day be fixed)
Pradyumna Das
Phillip Davies • 7 days ago
I cant help but think this is, very much in the Bodily concept, the I am this body idea, that we are supposed to be trying to get beyond. we dress the deity to the best of our ability, we dress ourselves modestly to help us get beyond the bodily concept. Haribol, pradyumna das
Rachel Ward Phillip Davies • 7 days ago
Our bodies require clothing. It may as well be clothing that we like. The clothing that these devotees design is modest and it is designed like traditional devotional clothing. The colors and patterns are modern.

Phillip Davies Rachel Ward • 6 days ago
some of the pictures, were not very modest, clothing that we like is a distraction, clothing is to cover ones nakedness, like or dislike is irrelevant it is sense gratification.
Pradyumna das
Rachel Ward Phillip Davies • 6 days ago
Hmmm. Are you saying that you don't have a favorite color? You don't choose your clothing or your household items in colors that please you? What about your japa bag? Do you like the color? Is it plain or does it have decoration? Many devotees choose decorated japa bags to attract them to them. Is that not the point? We become attracted by material things and we develop the taste for the nectar over time.

Phillip Davies Rachel Ward • 4 days ago
attraction to the material, is a distraction, decoration of the body is a distraction, the body and its (pseudo) pleasure is a distraction. We try to be devotees, we live in a Karmi world, we do our best not to be part of it, we eat simple food wear simple clothes. BUT, if something that you do fixes your mind upon Krishna then do it, never forget Krishna, always remember Krishna.
YS, Pradyumna Das

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